Pressure boosters



Pressure boosters provide an output pressure higher than the available system pressure applied on the entrance, at the expense of a loss of air flow (as expressed by the ideal gas law pV=nRT).



Mechanically the pressure booster is composed of two pistons connected between them which compress alternatively the inlet air. The pistons are controlled by a 5/2 pneumatic valve, in turn controlled by two limit switches. The pressure booster starts automatically as soon as a pressure is applied to the inlet and works until it reaches twice the inlet pressure. The outlet pressure can possibly be adjusted using a pressure regulator mounted at the inlet. When no air is drawn, the multiplier will automatically stop as soon as the pressure is multiplied. The presence of non-return valves integrated allows to keep the pressure multiplied even in the absence of inlet pressure.

Connection to the compressed air network

In case of direct connection of the booster in a system it should be provided a 3/2 valve to open and close the circuit. We recommend you always to use an air tank (4) the output of the multiplier to avoid pulse. An optional non-return valve (5) can be useful to speed up the initial filling of the system. The pressure boosters are not designed to operate in place of a compressor, but to provide momentary pressure increases on applications that require greater pneumatic force. image


The booster has an average life of 20 million cycles when the conditions of use are optimal; a high degree of filtration ( to increase the life of the component. We recommend using suitable filters to protect from dust the exhaust ports, and it is recommended, wherever
it is possible, to use non lubricated air.

Replacement kit for the seals are available on request.

Key code

Type Bore Compression ratio
-UM11- (standard) 040 RC1.2
-UM21- (with regulatour) 063 RC1.3 (Ø40 / Ø63)
100 RC1.4 (Ø40 / Ø63)

Technical data

Bore (mm): Ø40 Ø63 Ø100
Connections: G1/8″ G3/8″ G1/2″
Working pressure (bar): 2.5 ÷ 10 2.5 ÷ 10 2.5 ÷ 10
Nominal bore (mm): 5 7 12
Weight (Kg): 1.6 2.8 9.7

Fluid: filtered air, lubricated* or (preferred) non lubricated.

Inlet pressure: 2.5 ÷ 10 bar.

Ambient temperature: -20°C ÷ +50°C.

Mounting position: it is suggested mounting with the inlet connection above.

*ATTENTION: all the sliding elements and the seals, are lubricated with specialhighperformance grease. If you began to lubricate with oil mist, you will have to lubricate continuously.

Components specifications
Description Material Treatment
Body, caps Aluminium 2011 Anodized
Pistons Aluminium 2011
Rod Chromated steel
Fixing screws Steel Galvanized
Valves spools Aluminium 2011, Brass
Seals NBR, Polyurethane

Ø40 Rc=1:2 (-UM11-040RC1.2 ; -UM21-040RC1.2)


Ø63 Rc=1:2 (-UM11-063RC1.2 ; -UM21-063RC1.2)


Ø100 Rc=1:2 (-UM11-100RC1.2 ; -UM21-100RC1.2)


* Only for Ø100 model:it is suggested to connect a non-return 1/2″ valve (included inside the packaging) directly on the output of the booster.

Ø40 Rc=1:3 (-UM11-040RC1.3 ; -UM21-040RC1.3)


Ø63 Rc=1:3 (-UM11-063RC1.3 ; -UM21-063RC1.3)


Ø40 Rc=1:4 (-UM11-040RC1.4 ; -UM21-040RC1.4)


Ø63 Rc=1:4 (-UM11-063RC1.4 ; -UM21-063RC1.4)