Special Products for smoke extraction

Mec Fluid 2 stands out as a leading company in the field of smoke extraction, thanks to its wide range of special solutions, particularly the innovative air smoke extraction valves.

Smoke extraction valves

Our smoke extraction valves are the result of careful and precise design and construction processes. These excellent components ensure a perfect seal in the presence of vacuum or alternating vacuum and compressed air, standing out for their durability and reliability. Accurate engineering and high-quality production processes are the foundation of the outstanding performance of this products.

Special Products for Smoke extraction

Mec Fluid 2 goes beyond the production of smoke extraction valves, providing a range of special products specifically designed for smoke extraction. Among these, the following are highlighted:

  • Air and Vacuum Solenoid Pilot: A versatile solution suitable for both industrial and laboratory applications, designed to ensure resistance and durability. The solenoid pilot excels in its excellent ability to withstand vacuum and air flows, making it ideal for applications that require a perfect seal.
  • 3/2 Valve Battery for Air and Vacuum: Designed to meet the needs of applications with high air and vacuum flows, this valve battery consists of a series of highly efficient valves that can be customized according to specific application requirements.
  • Smoke Extraction Multivalve: An innovative product born from our extensive experience and continuous search for cutting-edge solutions.

Our deep industry knowledge and the expertise of our highly qualified team of engineers allow us to offer solutions that meet the most complex and specific needs of our customers. The approach of Mec Fluid 2 is not limited to the production of standard components, but focused on close collaboration with client companies to develop customized solutions that improve the efficiency of their smoke extraction systems.

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