Extreme temperatures

Products that guarantee the correct functioning even by operating in particularly low or high temperature environments.

Mec Fluid 2 produces customized special components suitable for applications in extreme temperature conditions. This term refers to extremely low temperatures (down to -40 °C) or extremely high (up to 150 °C), which require the use of special and very carefully selected materials, characterized by high resistance and reliability.

With an experience gained in over 35 years of activity, Mec Fluid 2 support companies by providing components and lubricants suitable for working at both high and low temperatures.

The special valves and cylinders designed by Mec Fluid 2 for use at extreme temperatures fulfill the demanding expectations in terms of resistance, reliability, customization, and safety.

Mec Fluid 2 is able to manufacture components with customized dimensions (on specific customer requests) and according to the current and applicable ISO standards.

The products manufactured by Mec Fluid 2 for this kind of applications are special pneumatic cylinders and valves for vacuum and compressed air.

Following applications are usually requested:

  • Applications for industrial automation with temperatures from -40 °C to + 150 °C
  • Road transport
  • Transportation and railway applications
  • Machines for the chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Oil & Gas industry, power generation
  • Glass processing machines

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