Cylinders and valves for the transport industry

Products designed and optimized for extreme weather and environmental conditions, large temperature variations, vibrations, or high control voltage range.

The most requested solutions are for specific applications such as opening and closing of doors, handling platforms and air / vacuum management systems for toilets, systems for managing the pressure in the tires of heavy vehicles.

Mec Fluid 2 produces customized special components suitable for implementation in the transport industry. This term refers to those industries that produce vehicles such as:

  • Truck industry
  • Railway sector
  • Public Transport

With an experience gained in over 35 years of activity, Mec Fluid 2 support companies operating in the transport sector by providing products specifically designed to guarantee a high level of integration that is in line with the necessary resistance and safety regulations.

The special products for the transport industry meet the needs of the customer in terms of resistance, reliability, and customization, guaranteeing the possibility of choosing solutions to simplify maintenance operations.

The main features are:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Possibility of working at low and/or high temperatures
  • Possibility of customization

Mec Fluid 2 is able to manufacture customized components and according to current and applicable ISO standards.

Mec Fluid 2 manufactures special components dedicated to the transport sector such as:

  • Special pneumatic cylinders
  • Control and assembled panels;
  • Pressure booster;
  • Valves for vacuum and compressed air

The reference operational contexts are as follows:

  • Cylinders for opening and closing train doors
  • Pneumatic cylinders with block
  • Valves and cylinders for seat adjustment
  • Valves for vacuum control on toilets
  • Cylinders and valves for toilet applications
  • Valves for water
  • Cylinders for door or shutter control
  • Handling and control solutions for rail, truck and bus applications
  • Air treatment
  • Tire pressure control and correction systems

Special products

List of special products made by Mec Fluid 2

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