Aggressive environments

Products featuring materials and surface treatments tailored to specific applications to resist chemical or mechanical attack.

Products designed and realized according to the specific customer need to withstand chemical or mechanical aggression. The Mec Fluid 2 components are realized with corrosion resistant materials and are subject to special surface treatments that guarantee the resistance in highly aggressive and corrosive environmental conditions.

Components characterized by special resistant materials and surface treatments. The products are designed based on the specific customer need and destinated to difficult corrosion applications where standard valves do not offer an acceptable performance.

Mec Fluid 2 produces pneumatic cylinders, valves, and customized components suitable for use in aggressive environments or environmental conditions. The term aggressive environment defines an operating context characterized by high corrosivity or by the necessity to wash the components frequently with very aggressive detergents and substances.

Some examples of aggressive environments are following:

  • Automation in the industrial field
  • Machines for the chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Machines intended for dusty environments or with high presence of humidity
  • Transport sector
  • Applications in marine areas (therefore with the presence of salt) and offshore
  • Oil & Gas industry, power generation

With an experience gained in over 35 years of activity, Mec Fluid 2 is the ideal partner for companies operating in these contexts by supplying customized cylinders, valves and components, made with materials and surface treatments suitable for dusty environments or with high presence of humidity, dust or processing residues.

The special Mec Fluid 2 products designed for aggressive environments are specifically designed for applications where there is a need for frequent cleaning and high resistance to external aggressive agents.

The main features of the special products that Mec Fluid 2 designs for companies operating in aggressive environments are the following:

  • Easy maintenance, cleaning, disassembly, and reassembly
  • Resistant materials that meet current standards
  • Corrosion resistance thanks to the special materials used and / or specific surface treatments
  • Possibility of choosing profiles and shapes suitable for simplifying cleaning / maintenance operations
  • Possibility of manufacturing components with dimensions according to current and applicable ISO standards

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