Poppet valves in the industry

Poppet valves, fundamental components in industrial pneumatic systems, are essential for regulating and controlling the flow of compressed air or vacuum. These valves are not just simple [...]

Solenoid Valves: Essential Components for Industrial Automation

Introduction to Solenoid Valves In the vast universe of industrial automation, the solenoid valves stand out as indispensable components, playing a crucial role in the control of […]

Pneumatic Cylinders: a complete Guide for the Industry

Introduction to Pneumatic Cylinders In the industrial context, pneumatic cylinders constitute a fundamental component. These devices play the important function of converting the energy derived from compressed [...]

Valves with position sensor

The position sensors are tools that are used to indicate the position of the spool and the poppet inside a valve. For example, when installed on a [...]

High-pressure valves

Definition of high-pressure valve A high-pressure valve is a valve that can operate in pressures up to 40 Bar without damaging the valve body and its components. [...]

Pneumatic valves

The pneumatic valves are devices used in many industrial and mechanical applications to modulate or control control the flow of compressed air or other gases in a [...]

The use of pneumatic actuators in the welding sector

With the aim of meeting the expectations of  customers in terms of improved performance, manufacturing companies are embracing process automation technologies in order to increase their productivity [...]

The use of pneumatic cylinders in the transport sector

The transport sector refers to the transport industry specializing in the production of vehicles such as trucks, buses and trains. The use of pneumatic cylinders in this [...]

Definition and operating principles of Pneumatic Actuators

What is a pneumatic actuator The pneumatic actuators, or pneumatic cylinders as they are also referred to, are highly reliable and safe motion control devices that convert [...]

Definition and operating principles of the Pressure Boosters

Pressure Boosters Definition and operating principles of the Pressure booster: a pressure booster is an automatic device that compresses air to give a higher outlet pressure than [...]

Description and function of 3/2 Valves

The Pneumatic Valves Definition of Valve: device for the control, the start / stop / direction regulation, pressure, and passage control of a fluid coming from a [...]