Pressure Boosters

The pressure booster are devices applied on automatic or testing machines that require pressure values, higher than those, generated by using normal air compressors.

A pressure booster (also called pressure multiplier) is a device that increases the inlet pressure P1 to a higher outlet pressure P2. This device is normally used in environments where it is necessary to locally intensify the input pressure of one or more actuators.

The pressure boosters are used to generate higher pressures than those normally available on an air distribution network. Since these are entirely pneumatic devices, the pressure boosters can be implemented in environments where the use of electrical devices is not recommended.

The pressure multipliers offer maximum flexibility by allowing to increase the line pressure only at the point of the system where it is necessary.

Mec Fluid 2 designs and manufactures pressure boosters characterized by a maximum outlet pressure of 40 bar and by a minimum occupation of space. The devices can be supplied with or without pressure regulator.

Mec Fluid 2 pressure boosters are available with compression ratios 1: 2, 1: 3 and 1: 4, do not require dedicated or additional compressors and do not require electrical connections.


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