Pneumatic actuators

Pneumatic actuators, also known as pneumatic cylinders, are mechanical devices capable of converting pressure energy into motion energy, thereby ensuring the transmission and transfer of forces. In this way, pneumatic actuators are the ideal solution for providing controlled motion to all machines and systems used in industrial automation applications.

Mec Fluid 2 produces a wide range of pneumatic actuators to support different configuration requirements and according to widely adopted or international (ISO) standards.  The various components of Mec Fluid 2 pneumatic cylinders are entirely manufactured in Italy, a factor that has a decisive influence on the quality of the final product and on the guaranteed availability of products in stock.

Mec Fluid 2 pneumatic actuators feature a surface treatment, i.e. polyurethane powder coating, which guarantees high resistance to corrosion. A wide range of configurations are available, making the pneumatic actuators suitable for a variety of applications in all industries.

The pneumatic actuators produced by Mec Fluid 2 are characterised by innovative technical and design choices that guarantee high reliability even in particularly heavy-duty applications.

The special design configuration of Mec Fluid 2 cylinders ensures excellent pneumatic sealing conditions, which simplifies the assembly process.

In addition, compatibility with other brands of cylinders and accessories (complying with current regulations) is ensured.

The Mec Fluid 2 range of pneumatic actuators also includes stainless steel pneumatic cylinders that are particularly suitable for use in foodstuffs and particularly aggressive environments. Mec Fluid 2 stainless steel cylinders are available with different types of gaskets and are compatible with a wide range of fixing accessories.

Pneumatic actuators

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