Valves with position sensor

Le valvole con sensore di posizione

The position sensors are tools that are used to indicate the position of the spool and the poppet inside a valve. For example, when installed on a shutoff valve, sensors can indicate whether the valve is fully closed or fully open.

In more complex systems the position sensor will wire directly into the programmable logic system (PLC) in order to automate processes when the valve reaches a certain position.

The position sensor represents a very useful communication tool as it helps operators in system control activities and monitoring: the sensors provide real-time monitoring about the exact position of the spool or shutter that is located inside a valve and can be integrated into an automated system. It is also a very useful instrument in terms of safety: the use of sensors is particularly useful in the case of applications where error or damage can occur if the valve is in the wrong position in certain application processes.

Valvole a 3 vie con sensore di posizione

3-way valves with position sensor

Mec Fluid 2 produces valves with integrated position sensors in compliance with Industry 4.0 concepts. The valve allows a remote control of the correct operation, continuous monitoring of the performed cycles, as well as visual monitoring of the exchange by a luminous LED.

It is possible to install a position sensor on 3-way valves for: compressed air, direct vacuum and compressed air servo-controlled vacuum.

The available sensors are the following:

Sensori NE-KT36DE3000 e NE-KT36PE3000

NE-KT36DE3000 and NE-KT36PE3000 sensors

Sensori NE-KT37DE3000 e NE-KT37PE3000

NE-KT37DE3000 and NE-KT37PE3000 sensors

The table below shows the technical characteristics of the position sensors that can be installed on Mec Fluid 2 valves.

Characteristics NE-KT36DE3000
Wiring method 2 Wires 3 Wires
Switching logic Solid-state, normally open output Solid-state, normally open output
Sensor type PNP Current supply
Operating voltage 10 ~ 28V DC 4.5 ~ 28V DC
Switching current 4 ~ 20 mA max 50 mA max
Contact range 0.6 W max. 1.5 W max.
Current consumption 10 mA @ 24V max.
Voltage drop 3.5V max. 0.5V @ 50mA max.
Current leakage 0.8 mA max 0.01 mA max
Indicator Red LED Red LED
Cable Ø 2.6 , 2C , PVC Ø 2.6 , 3C , PVC


The choice of the most suitable valve with position sensor for a given application depends on various factors including: the application, the function that the valve must perform and the environment in which the system must operate. At Mec Fluid 2 we have a technical team that supports you by choosing the most correct solution to implement. We will help you to find exactly the most suitable valve for your application and in case of necessity personalize existing products.