High-pressure valves

Le valvole per alta pressione

Definition of high-pressure valve

A high-pressure valve is a valve that can operate in pressures up to 40 Bar without damaging the valve body and its components. High-pressure valves are generally used to manage the flow of liquids and gases. There is the possibility to choose between different sizes, all with 3/2 function. The selection of the right size and the implementation of the high-pressure valve depends on the specific application.

How is a high-pressure valve operated?

High-pressure valves can be operated by a pneumatic or electrical signal. The actuation of the valve is accomplished by a pneumatic actuator or electric operator, usually screwed to the top of the valve.

  • A pneumatic actuator receives a signal which generates position change
  • An electrical operator receives an electrical impulse and thus actuates the valve.

Critical factors when selecting a high- pressure valve

When it comes to choosing a high-pressure valve there are a few critical factors that must be considered:

  • Type of fluid: by determining the most suitable valve for a specific requirement, it is necessary to consider the type of fluid that has to be controlled, taking into account any eventually corrosiveness.
  • Application: by choosing the correct size of the valve must be considered the requirements of the given application, in particular the required flow rate and the pressure present in the system.
  • Environment: it is important to consider the environment in which the valve must operate in order to correctly evaluate conditions such as temperature and the aggressiveness of any external agents, possible contact with solvents, food, etc.
  • Function: Mec Fluid 2 high pressure valves normally have the 3/2 function at a stable position.
  • Actuation: in addition to the points just seen, it will also be necessary to define the actuation type of the valve. The actuation can be operated manually or by an actuator (pneumatic or electric).

Applications of high pressure valves

High pressure valves are used in various industrial sectors to control the flow of high-pressure fluids.

It is commonly implemented on machines for PET (production of plastic bottles), on the naval sector, on machines and systems for pressure seal testing, on sheet metal laser cutting machines, on safety systems, on coolant in metalworking machine tools.

Other sectors in which the use of high-pressure valves is common are the following:

  • Energy plants (including nuclear ones)
  • Machines for pressure testing of containers
  • Laser cutting machines


Choosing the most suitable high-pressure valve for a given application depends on a very large number of factors. At Mec Fluid 2 we have a commercial technical team that can provide support in choosing the best pneumatic automation technology. We will help you find exactly the most suitable solution.